About Us

Snoring can be a very troublesome complaint. A bed partner kept awake by a snorer night after night suffers sleep deprivation, restless sleep and daytime tiredness.

Noisy nocturnal breathing may also be more than just an annoyance to a bed partner, but can also cause significant health problems to the snorer.

At the Melbourne Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Centre we believe a thorough airway examination to find the cause for your snoring and sleep apnoea is essential.  Our trained upper airway surgeons will examine you thoroughly to ascertain the site, the cause and the extent of your snoring and sleep apnoea, and give you a diagnosis and the best management plans to improve your snoring and sleep apnoea.

A thorough airway examination is then combined with your sleep study to confirm the site and levels of your sleep apnoea and allow a management plan to be formulated for you. 

No longer is a CPAP machine the only treatment available for sleep apnoea and snoring. Modern treatments will be tailored for the individual patient and may include surgery, weight loss, and the use of positive pressure (CPAP) masks, or mandibular advancement devices, where appropriate.